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Welcome to Marxistpedia
The aspiring online encyclopaedia dedicated to providing a coherent platform about Marx.

Marxistpedia is a wiki project established in 2017 with the goal of providing information about social phenomena from a social-scientific perspective. We seek to provide information about Marxism and social phenomena from the point of view of Marxism, to inform and educate aspiring Marxists and those interested in the tradition. We document views and debates within Marxism.

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Beginners should consider visiting the FAQ before reading anything else.

Visit the reading guide page for a guide on various Marxist texts.

Featured Article

Karl Johann Kautsky (October 16, 1854 – October 17, 1938) was a Czech-Austrian philosopher, journalist, and Marxist theoretician. Kautsky was recognized as among the most authoritative promulgators of Orthodox Marxism after the death of Friedrich Engels in 1895 until the outbreak of World War I in 1914. Following the war, Kautsky was an outspoken critic of the Bolshevik Revolution, engaging in polemics with Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky on the nature of the Soviet state. (more...)

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