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Welcome to Marxistpedia
The aspiring online encyclopaedia dedicated to providing a coherent platform about Marx.

Marxistpedia is a wiki project established in 2017 dedicated to providing accurate information about Marxism and to educate aspiring Marxists. We emphasise textual analysis on original works written by Marx & Engels, rather than texts written by 'Marxsits' which isn't to say we never use contemporary theorists—just that we are weary of misconstruction.

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Historical materialism is a concept within Marxist theory. The principle behind materialism is that the material conditions result in the creation of ideas, in opposition to idealism, which states that ideas create reality. Historical materialism is materialism as applied to history. Before the advent of historical materialism, historians considered historical events to be the result of a battle of ideas, and took for granted what each epoch said about itself. However, Marx and Engels elaborated the theory that historical events are in fact nothing but the result of material conditions, and that ideas dictate only the specific form. (more...)

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